Frequently Asked Questions

What fibre do you use?

Cotton is the main fibre used, but we may use other vegetable fibres such as jute or hemp. We have chosen not to use animal fibre such as wool or mohair as the this responds differently to washing and care.

Where does the cotton come from?

When the company started it was on a farm that grew cotton. The cotton was sent to a local ginning mill and then on to a spinning company. We still use cotton that is grown in South Africa or Swaziland and it is all spun into yarn by local companies.

Where did the looms come from:

Almost all of the looms were manufactured from hardwoods in Europe. They were bought from people who had inherited them, or who no longer had use for them. Some are on a long term loan, and a few have been kindly donated.

Who trained the weavers?

The weavers have been trained by the head weaver, Tivane Mavusa, who himself was trained by a German master weaver.

How long have you been in this business?

Carol Morris, the owner, has been involved in hand made textiles for over 30 years. Barrydale Hand Weavers was set up as a company in Barrydale, Western Cape in 2007.