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Mats & Rugs

Mats and rugs are an essential aspect of interior design that helps to bring texture, colour, and pattern to a room. Carpets and floor mats give the room a comfortable, warm feel while helping to protect the flooring underneath. There may be various carpet stores where you can find more ‘mainstream’ options, however if you are looking for unique carpets, rugs, or mats that are perfect for different rooms in your home, you need search no further than our range of Barrydale Hand Weavers Mats and Rugs.

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We offer a curated selection to choose from, including plush area carpets, woven rugs, and durable mats. You can find everything from casual ‘shaggy’ carpets to functional entrance mats that can withstand heavy traffic.

When searching for carpet you should look at the different styles, textures, and colours available to find the perfect rug or mats for your needs. Cotton is very durable and easy to care for and keep clean, which makes it a very popular material for a mat or rug in a South African home. You can easily shake out any dust and pop it in the washing machine when it needs to be cleaned. At Barrydale Hand Weavers, you can even get custom-made mats or rugs to suit your specific requirements.

You can contact us to discuss the best options when you shop for carpets, so we can help you find the perfect solution when searching for a mat on the floor. For example, you can consider the size, material, pattern, and style of the carpet or rug you want, you can opt for a low pile carpet for high traffic areas or a plush carpet for the bedroom.

In conclusion, considering the floor carpets for sale is an investment into the comfort and functionality of your home. Whether your search is for mats or rugs for your home, from casual to elegant, you can find what you need at Barrydale Hand Weavers.