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People and Prices!

We are aiming for the average wage of all non-trainees to be at least double minimum wage (circa R9,000 p/m). It is a commitment we are passionate about and each year we make progress towards this target.  Our average post recent changes is R8,000 p/m.

More looms means that more weavers will be trained, increasing local employment. This is wonderful news as it was not that long ago that people thought this craft would die out completely.

At the end of April was said farewell to Marie-Lise who many of you will know, as she liaised with our clients. However we are pleased to welcome Kyle to our team, who will be taking over from her.

Thank you for helping to support our commitment to our community and to creating high quality, beautiful products.

Job creation through our weaving trainee programme is also key and we have hired one new weaver so far this year, with hopes to create at least 2 more positions before year end.