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Weavers Stand United in Aid of Pinky

There she is joined by a group of young fighters who, at a very young age, have a firm understanding of just how fragile life is.

The commute between Barrydale and Cape Town every three weeks proved to be very expensive and as a result Pinky and her Mother Debby-Lee now stay over in the city for weeks on end.

The family still has to rely on favours from people in the community to get to and from the bus stops (her nearest in Swellendam being a 120km round trip) as the family had fallen on tough times post Covid.

Here nurse Joanna van der Merwe has helped the family tremendously.

With the 61 Pink for pinky tea-towels that were sold, Barrydale Hand Weavers have placed the family in a position to make at least make a contribution to the transport cost.

Lizzy Nqono

“From the idea phase to the weaving and packaging of each towel, every step of the process was approached with great enthusiasm,” Hand Weavers manager Denise Bierman noted.

Family appreciate support
For Debbie-Lee the value of knowing that there are people in the community who keep Trinity in their prayers is almost worth more than any sum of money can be.

While Debbie-Lee was not too keen on taking about the prognosis of Trinity’s life threatening condition, she thanked the team at the weavers for the love they had showed for her child.

“This is a great gesture and something that is really appreciated. The road ahead is still long.”

“This project brought everyone at the Hand Weavers closer as a team as they knew they were doing something for a worthy cause."