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The Adorned & Barrydale Hand Weavers Launch

Both our brands honour the traditional artisanal crafts of hand-weaving and block-printing.

We aim to bring these together in a bespoke contemporary take on classic high-quality table linen. Handcrafted and preserving the art of man-made production.

Launched on the 21st March 2024 as an exhibition of not only our table linen collaboration, but also some artworks that further marry handwoven textiles and hand block printed design.

Nastasha is a multi-disciplinary artist who started the brand; The Adorned, as a way to promote her hand-dyed and block-printed textiles. Her collections are usually small batches that focus on using colours that are attained from nature. Block printing is something she feels needs to be celebrated within the textile industry, and passed down to the next generation, who finds themselves in a fast-paced digital age, where human touch is slowly being disregarded.

She is truly excited about working with a brand she highly admires and to be finally launching this highly anticipated collaboration. 

Where Handcrafted Textiles Meet Timeless Elegance!