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Hand Weavers watch their work come to life on the big screen

Of the 28 team members who attended this screening, seven had never been to a cinema house before.

“It is an action movie so there is a lot of aggression, but the beauty of the relationship between a mother and daughter who reunited was good to see,” production supervisor Henrietta Windvögel commented.

“I was in charge of sending away so much of the material, but I never thought something that was made by someone I work with would be worn by a famous actress. It was remarkable.”

Windvögel had sent metres upon metres of natural cotton that has a distinctive thin denim stripe on it to the movie’s costume designers in Cape Town.

The process started in October 2021 but far more material was sent than what was originally envisaged.

A lengthy process

The initial order was for 60m of woven fabric to produce the clothes of some of the lead actors only. However, after consideration the film’s production team decided that an additional 1600m worth was required to ensure that all of the extras (100 people) also looked their very best.

It was therefore a brilliant day for the Weavers team to see their work come to life. Knowing that they played a part in such a grand scale production should also be a feather in their cap as far as their production output is concerned.

“It was the most wonderful feeling to see the material, which I ironed, on the big screen,” said Jonene Marthinus – one of the weavers who experienced the big screen for the first time.

“There were times when I wondered, when will this end,” she quipped.

As for the movie itself, Jonene drew a lot of inspiration from it.

“I never thought women can be so resilient and the way she (the lead actress) weathered storms… she just did it.

“She had the power and she said to herself that she would not allow any many or person to get her down. It motivated me personally in the sense that nothing will come in my way of reaching my goals. All I have to do is do it.”

The film’s production team decided that an additional 1600m worth of material was required to ensure that all of the extras (100 people) also looked their very best.

African women empowered by movie

The Woman King is based on a true story of all-female warriors who, in 1823, protected the African kingdom of Dahomey. The lead role is played by academy award winning actress Viola Davis.

The movie draws inspiration from the African continent and celebrates the strength and beauty of women.

It also challenges concepts of masculinity and femininity as particular focus is placed on the mental and physical strength of female warriors.

It is currently showing at all reputable cinema houses around the world.

“For me it was amazing to see the willpower of women."