Hand woven cotton fabrics & rugs


Hand woven cotton

People are trained in the art of handweaving to produce beautiful handwoven rugs and fabrics, and the weavers are encouraged to come up with their own designs. Everything is handmade so each item has its own unique signature.

The weavery is open to the public and has become a sought after tourist attraction in Barrydale. If you are planning a trip on Route 62, make sure you pop in and see the looms in action, hear the stories of how it all happens and admire the range of pure cotton, handwoven home d├ęcor.

How did it begin?

The project started 30 years ago in the Kingdom of Swaziland where Tivane Mavuma, who was trained by a German Master Weaver, started weaving up fabrics for Carol.

Years later Carol moved to Barrydale and Tivane, along with the looms followed. Barrydale Hand Weavers was born. The natural earthy feel of the products appealed to many people who appreciated the quality of locally handmade fabrics and rugs.

The business grew rapidly and more and more looms were acquired along with a group of people in the area who were curious and keen to learn the craft.

Today Barrydale Hand Weavers supplies many different outlets throughout South Africa as well as entering the export market.

About Barrydale Hand Weavers
About Barrydale Hand Weavers
About Barrydale Hand Weavers
About Barrydale Hand Weavers